Text or Textarea

Two field types for text

HTML knows two different field types for entering texts, the textarea and the input. The input itself has different characteristics such as text, email and password.

The difference between these two HTML field types is that the input only creates single-line input fields for shorter inputs. The text area, on the other hand, creates a larger box for more text, such as “Your message”.

While an input cannot be larger than one line, the height and width of a textarea can be controlled using the HTML attributes “cols” and “rows”. A textarea normally already has a larger height by itself. A scrollbar is also displayed when the text input becomes longer and the original height of the text area is no longer sufficient to display the text entered.

Please note that Visforms does not display the field type “Input” for reasons of simpler form validation, but a separate field type for each possible form of input (i.e. email, text, password, etc.).

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