Everything about the individual field types

Supported HTML Controls
A long list of supported HTML control types as well as custom function-based controls
Validation of inputs
Convenience and maximum security for your website through data validation in 2 steps
Set default values
Values in form fields can be set automatically via the field configuration or the form call URL
Text or Textarea
There are single-line input fields for short entries (text) and a larger multi-line box for long text (textarea)
Listbox, radios and checkboxes
These controls contain a list of options. One option can be selected for the radio button, one or many options can be selected for list boxes and checkbox groups
Import Option Lists
Instead of creating options manually, you can also import them using a CSV file
Create Full Country Listbox
Download a country list and import it as an option list into Visforms
Conditional display of fields
This means that e.g. field 'A' is only displayed in the form if the user has chosen a specific value for field 'B'
File Uploads
These are form fields that the form user can use to send you a file
Protect File Uploads
Visforms offers you many options to control the file upload, with which you can additionally secure uploads
Subscription Fields
The Visforms Subscription adds more field types that can be used to solve special requirements