About our documentation

Description of all parameters in the administration area

Note: Detailed explanations of our Joomla! Extensions can already be found in the administration area.

vi-solutions is developer of several Joomla! extensions. When developing them, we always strive to provide you with detailed explanations of all parameters in the administration area. The explanations for the possible settings are displayed directly in the respective “Edit” view in the administration below the respective option.

All extensions are delivered with the languages German and English by default. That’s why it’s pretty easy to use our Joomla! to use extensions. It is therefore not necessary to explain each individual setting option again in the documentation.

Documentation provides a well-founded understanding of the relationships

Instead, the documentation tries to explain our intentions, to show connections and thus to provide a good overview. This will help you understand how Visforms works. This makes it easier to understand why there are which parameters and how you can use the parameters sensibly. So it is not just stubbornly listed which setting options the parameters have.

User feedback

Based on the numerous feedbacks from the users of our extensions, we can see

  • for which functions it is not always self-explanatory how to use them,
  • what potential lies in the functions, and
  • where the configuration keeps getting stuck.

We have also written detailed articles on these areas in particular, which are certainly worth reading!