Range of functions

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

Visforms itself allows you to store the data in the database that a user has submitted with a form. If required, you can also display this data in the front end using a menu entry.

The Visforms Subscription allows you to edit this stored data in the frontend. With the installation of the Visforms Subscription, all files and functions required for this are automatically added.

Note: The processing of the saved data in the frontend is done with the help of additional menu entry types.

New menu item types

The Subscription adds the following menu item types to your Visforms installation:

  • Menu item of type Visforms » Form Data with Edit Link
    for the transmissions of a selected form.
  • Visforms » My Transfers menu item
    for the transmission of all forms.

With the help of Joomla’s rights management, you can define exactly which users are allowed to edit which data in the frontend down to the level of the individual form field. If a user has the right to edit data, an “Edit” link is displayed in the menu item types mentioned above. The “Edit” link opens another view of the form where the data can be edited.

New frontend features for editing data

In addition, the following features are available in the Visforms Subscription in connection with editing data in the frontend:

  • Show search filter for the data view with the editable data records.
  • Publish/hide records in frontend if a user has permission to do so.
  • Create form fields that are only displayed in the edit views, but not in the normal form view.
    These are the so-called “Edit only” configured fields.
  • Remove uploaded files and upload new files.
  • Mail dispatch after saving changed data in the frontend with individual email configuration, including individual email attachments.
  • Support for choosing a custom icon for the detail link in the data list.
  • Show edit link instead of form if a user has filled out the form before.