Form Data in Article

Display form data in article

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

For a better understanding, we recommend reading the documentation completely and using the Section Introduction to start.
Relationships explained in earlier sections of the documentation are not repeated here.

To display form data in an article, you need to include a well-defined plugin string in your article. The plugin string contains parameters that are read and evaluated by the plugin. Parameters in the plugin string control the appearance of the form data in the article.

Mandatory parameters that you always have to enter in the plugin string are:

  • The ID of the form whose data is to be displayed.
  • A list of fields whose data should be displayed.

In the simplest case, the plugin string looks like this:


Of course, you have to adjust the values for “formid” and “fieldlist” accordingly.
To do this, determine the ID of the form whose data you want to insert into an article. You can find the ID of the form in the list of forms in the ID column, at the very end of the table column.
Also find out the IDs of all fields whose data you want to display in an article. IDs of all fields can be found in the field list in the ID column, at the very end of the table column.

Then, in the Joomla Administration, open the article where you want to view the data. Paste the above plugin string there, adjusted to your IDs. Paste the plugin string into the article exactly where you want the data to appear.

Syntax rules

  • The character string always starts with
  • The character string always ends with
  • Plugin parameters always consist of a name-value pair.
  • Parameter name and parameter value are in double inverted commas
    "name" and "value".
  • Parameter name and parameter value are separated by a colon ::
  • Multiple name-value pairs are separated by comma ,:
  • The complete parameter listing is enclosed in curly brackets {}:
  • Avoid all spaces in the entire string. Spaces are only allowed as part of a parameter value:
    "my-first-name”:“my first-name value".

All in all:

{vfformview}{"my-first-name":"my first value","my-second-name":"my second value"}{/vfformview}

The plugin supports numerous parameters in the plugin string

The plugin requires the two mandatory parameters formid and fieldlist.
The plugin also supports numerous other parameters in the plugin string. This enables an individual configuration of the presentation of the data in the article.
See the next section for the full list of parameters: Parameter List.

Select records

You can select which records to display based on the values that the user submits for any form field.
For more information, read the following section: Select Records.