Submit & Reset-Button

Where is the submit button?

Note: The submit button is a form field (submit button type) that you create yourself.

This has the great advantage that you can design the button yourself. The text you enter as “Label” will be used as the caption on the button.

Position and formatting

All buttons are always displayed at the end of the form. However, they can be provided with their own CSS class and therefore formatted freely. You can enter your own CSS class in the field configuration under the “Advanced” tab.

Display submit button as image

To display the Submit button as an image, simply use the “Image Submit-Button” field type provided for this purpose.

Add reset button

In addition to the mandatory submit button, you can optionally add a reset button to the form. To do this, use the “Reset button” field type. To display the reset button as an image, simply use the “Image Reset button” field type provided for this purpose.

Submit button is greyed out (disabled)

It happens that the Submit button under the form is greyed out (disabled) and does not work. This is an intended behavior of the form. Because then you have a JavaScript error on your website.

As a complex form component, Visforms depends on the JavaScript on the page to function properly. Because JavaScript is used in the form to

  • show conditional fields,
  • to validate user input on the browser side,
  • create multi-page forms,
  • perform stored calculations
  • and much more.

Because it’s so important for the JavaScript to work, we decided to show the Submit button in the disabled state first. We use JavaScript to change this state to enabled towards the end of page construction. If you have a JavaScript error on the page, the button will remain disabled. This gives a well-defined spot where you can easily see that the JavaScript on the page isn’t working.

To fix the problem, you need to find and fix the JavaScript error on the page. In our experience, JavaScript errors rarely come from Visforms. On the other hand, they are often caused by JavaScript incompatibilities of other extensions. But an incorrectly set up field of the type calculation can also lead to a JavaScript error on the page.

You can use your browser’s developer tools console to find the exact cause of the error. Once the JavaScript error is fixed, all buttons in the form will be automatically enabled after the page loads.