Form Display Types

Visforms form display types

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

Visforms distinguishes between 7 display types:

  • Form
  • Success text
  • Data Details
  • Data list
  • Data Edit
  • Data link
  • ‘Already transmitted’ message

Each of the 7 display types can be made from up to 3 different display sources:

  • the component (with and without a menu),
  • the module and
  • the plugin.

List of form display types

There is a separate tab for each of the form display types in the form configuration on the Frontend Webassets tab.
Under each tab there is an entry option for JavaScript code and an entry option for CSS rules.

Note: CSS is added in the frontend as inline CSS. Please enter only the CSS, without HTML style tags.

Note: JavaScript is added in the frontend as inline JavaScript in the head tag. Please enter only the JavaScript code, without HTML script tags.

Form Display TypeDescriptionDisplay Sources
Form Form view Menu item of component, module, content plugin
Success Text Success message after successful submission of the form component, module, content plugin
Data Details Data view of a single dataset Component menu item
Data List View form data list Component menu item, content plugin
Data Edit Edit view of the form Component
Data Link View of data edit link instead of form Menu item of component, module, content plugin
'Already transmitted' message Message that form can only be submitted once and has already been submitted. component, module, content plugin