Additional form and field options

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

Install Visforms Subscription

With the Visforms Subscription Abo Levels you get additional useful form and field options.
These are automatically available as soon as you have installed the Visforms Subscription.

Range of functions

  • Show only own records in the frontend data views.
  • Set different field label used in emails.
  • Set different field label used in CSV export in header.
  • Assign an individual “Please select text” for list boxes.
  • Select what information is exported for file upload type fields in CSV export:
    only the file name, the local file path or the full file path.
  • Redirect user to form page after form is submitted.
  • If the form has its own result text specified, add a link to this text that leads back to the form page.
  • Offer a PDF download of the data in the result text.
  • In the frontend data views also include fields in the search that are not displayed.
  • Additional options for date fields.
  • Show uploaded images in frontend as images.
  • Set different field order for data views.
  • Exclude IP address when saving data.
  • Suppress default behavior of enter key in form.
  • Export and import of the complete form definition.
  • Encrypt URL parameters that Visforms appends to a redirect URL.