Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

With Visforms and especially with the Subscription, you have many extensive form, post-processing and data functions at your disposal.
There are also various modern layout options and design options.

Individual design with CSS

In certain cases, however, it can happen that you want to adapt the entire layout of the page and/or the design of selected fields to your needs in a very specific way. These customizations are usually fairly easy to do with some custom CSS. This requires at least basic knowledge of CSS.

Individual functions with JavaScript

In another situation, you might want to extend Visforms with special functionality. A great deal of this particular functionality can usually be achieved by adding some custom JavaScript code. This requires at least basic knowledge of JavaScript.

The Visforms Frontend Web Assets

Sometimes you can also achieve your desired individual requirements with a combination of JavaScript code and appropriate CSS rules. This is where Visforms comes in with its Front-End Web Assets functionality.

Store JavaScript code and CSS rules

Front-end web assets in Visforms are basically JavaScript code or CSS rules that you can store in the form configuration.
You can enter your changes directly, separated by JavaScript code and CSS rules. It is not necessary to take care of the correct HTML nodes. You simply enter the JavaScript or CSS and the plugin Visforms - Frontend Webassets takes care of the rest.

Note: CSS is added in the frontend as inline CSS. Please enter only the CSS, without HTML style tags.

Note: JavaScript is added in the frontend as inline JavaScript in the head tag. Please enter only the JavaScript code, without HTML script tags.

Specify point-loading of JavaScript and CSS

Front-end web assets in Visforms are specified separately for each display type. The Visforms - Frontend Webassets plugin ensures that the JavaScript and CSS are only loaded when they are actually needed.