Export data to CSV files

Export saved transfers to CSV in frontend

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

This feature enables you to display a CSV export button to authorized users in the frontend data views of a form. This export button can be used to export the currently displayed data to a CSV file.

The CSV export rules

How is it exported?

The settings for the Excel export in the form configuration on the “Advanced” tab regulate the following:

  • Which field data is exported?
  • Does the generated Excel file have a header?
  • Which overhead fields are exported?
  • etc.

What is exported?

The exported datasets are selected via the concrete view of the data in the frontend. All currently displayed data records are always exported without taking any pagination into account.

The currently displayed records depend on

  • the user permissions and
  • the current settings of the search filters.

If the Content Plugin - Visforms Data is used for display, the data displayed also depends on the plugin parameters for selecting data records.

Who is allowed to export?

Three factors go into the decision whether a CSV export button is displayed to a specific user in a specific data view in the frontend.

The CSV export button is only displayed if all three of the following conditions are met:

  • Does the user have the right to export data to CSV in frontend?
  • Has the “Show CSV export button” option been activated in the form configuration on the “Data display in frontend” tab?
  • Is at least 1 data set displayed in the data display in the frontend?

ACL permission “Export form data in frontend (CSV)”

For the implementation of these features the new permission “Export form data in frontend (CSV)” was added to the Visforms ACL.

Ensure that this permission is set to “Allowed” for the desired user group

  • in the Visforms options or
  • in the form configuration on the “Permissions” tab.