Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

The Visforms Subscription adds new field types to Visforms, which can be used to solve special requirements. As the name suggests, the Signature field type can be used to enter manual writing, such as a signature, in the form and transfer it with the form.

The signature field essentially consists of a writing area and some additional controls. The additional controls vary depending on the device on which the form is displayed.

System requirements

The Visforms Subscription must be installed.

Range of functions

  • Display of a signature field in the form.
  • Separate “Reset” button for the writing surface, which allows to delete an input from the writing surface.
  • On mobile devices, the writing surface is protected by default.
    Additional control buttons are inserted. These buttons can be used to unlock the writing surface for writing and then make it write-protected again.
  • Space-saving storage of the signature data in the database.
  • Insert signature in emails and PDFs.
  • Signature display in frontend data views.
  • Editing of the signature in the “Edit data view” in the frontend by authorized users.