What exactly is the Subscription license for Visforms all about?

Duration of the Subscription license

The Visforms Subscription license has a term of one year and is not renewed automatically. It is purchased anew for each year and is then extended for another year. If an earlier Subscription is still active at the time of the new purchase (remaining term), the new year follows the end of the previous year. We are currently offering a 10 % discount for non-disruptive Subscription renewals.

Subscription content

You need an active Visforms Subscription license to see the Subscription download on our website or to use the Joomla Update Manager.

As the owner of an active Subscription, you have exclusive posting access to the support forum. We provide and deliver our technical support through this forum.

  • The only difference between the various Subscription license types is how many websites the Subscription can be used on.
    More on this in: Visforms Subscription Types
  • The Subscription features are listed on our website at a glance.
    More on this in: Visforms Subscription Features
  • All Subscription features are documented in detail in this documentation.
    More on this in: Subscription.

Expired Subscription

With an expired Visforms Subscription, you can continue to use your Subscription indefinitely. Unfortunately, feature updates, security updates and forum support (writing access to the support forum) are then no longer possible.

Note: Please note that the free Visforms version and the Subscription version must always match (mutual minimal versions).

An isolated update of the free Visforms version is then not always possible without restrictions, since code changes with new features and bug fixes can affect both. In these cases, the installation of the free Visforms version is aborted with a message.