The Search Filters

The search filters

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

Use of search tools in the form of search filters

Note: Please make sure you have installed your Visforms Subscription.

With the help of the Visforms Subscription you can display search tools in the form of search filters in the data views in the frontend. These search filters offer extensive options for filtering and sorting transmitted data.

To do this, go to the menu management and open a menu entry of the type

  • Visforms » Form Data,
  • Visforms » Data View with Edit Link or
  • Visforms » My Transmissions.

The “Show search filter” option is there under the “Form data display options” tab.

Search filter option menu

Set the “Show search filters” option to “yes” to show the search filters in the data view. You will then find the search filters in the data view.

Search tools: The Visforms search filter

Visforms automatically generates the search filters according to the settings in

  • the form configuration,
  • the field configuration as well
  • the settings for the data views in the frontend.

Which field types can be used in the search filter

For all fields of the following types, you can decide whether selection list boxes with the permitted selection values should be displayed in the search tools:

  • list box,
  • list box sql,
  • radio button,
  • radio button sql,
  • checkbox group,
  • Checkbox Group Sql and
  • check box.

You can also integrate the following field types into the search filter:

The data of all other field types can be searched textually using the search box.

Add fields to the search filter

Go to the field configuration and select the “Advanced” tab. Under “Usage”, set the “Filter field” option to “yes”. This adds the selection lists of the possible values to the search filters. This applies to Listbox, Listbox Sql, Radio Button, Radio Button Sql, Checkbox Group, Checkbox Group Sql and Checkbox fields.

Use date field in frontend in search filter

Search filter when using the “Content Plugin - Visforms Data”

If you display form data in the frontend using the Content Plugin - Visforms Data then you need to use the corresponding plugin parameter to enable the display of search filters. The overview of the plugin parameters can be found here: Parameter List.