Field order in views

Specify different field order for data views

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

The Visforms Subscription expands your options for designing the data views in the frontend individually and flexibly. In particular, you can specify a different field order for data views in the frontend.

Set the sort order in the field list

After installing the Subscription, you will find an additional column on the far right next to the ID column in the “Visforms - Fields for…” view in the administration of your website. With this column you can specify a different sorting order of the fields for the data views in the frontend.

  • Click on the two small triangles in the column header.
    You can then change the sorting order by dragging and dropping the rows.
  • Begin field shifting by clicking on the three squares icon of the field you want to shift in order.

Select order to use

This changed sort order is not used immediately. You must first specify in the menu through which the data is displayed that the different sorting order should be used. This is done under the “Show form data options” tab and is shown in the following image.

Field order in data view

The plugin parameter in “Content Plugin - Visforms Data”

If you display data through the Content Plugin - Visforms Data, you can add the following parameter to the plugin:

"fieldorder":"data ordering"