Submit-Button is Disabled

Submit button is disabled and not working

If the Submit button below the form is grayed out and disabled, then you most likely have a JavaScript error on your website.

As a form component, Visforms depends on the JavaScript on the page to function properly.

Because JavaScript is used to

  • show conditional fields,
  • to validate user input on the browser side,
  • create multi-page forms,
  • Perform calculations
  • and much more.

JavaScript must work correctly for Visforms

Since it is so important that the JavaScript works, we have decided to initially display the submit button in the form in the deactivated state. We then dynamically switch this deactivated status to activated with the help of JavaScript.

So if you have a JavaScript error on the page, the button will remain disabled. There is a well-defined place where you can easily see that the JavaScript on the page is not working correctly.

Find and fix the JavaScript error on the page

To fix the problem, you need to find and fix the JavaScript error on the page. In our experience, JavaScript errors often do not come from Visforms, but are caused by JavaScript incompatibilities of other extensions. But an incorrectly set up field of the type calculation can also lead to a JavaScript error on the page.

Sometimes JavaScript errors are simply caused by outdated versions of the JavaScript files used being stored in the browser. Clearing the browser cache solves the problem in this case.

If that doesn’t help, you can use your browser’s console to find the cause of the error. Once the JavaScript error is fixed, all buttons in the form will be automatically enabled after the page loads.

The influence of template frameworks

Visforms causes Joomla to load all required JavaScript libraries correctly and early. It is regularly template frameworks in particular that intervene very deeply and actively prevent correctly specified JavaScript libraries from being loaded too late or even in a modified form.

We are aware of the template framework Astroid, which is also used by the template manufacturer JoomlaPlates.
There is a topic in the Visforms forum with the same appearance: Submit button does not work.

Changing a setting in the JoomlaPlates template fixed the error:

Switch under Plugins in the plugin ‘Astroid Plugin’ ‘jQuery Library Loading’ from ‘Joomla’ to ‘Astroid’.

Recreate overrides based on the new view files

If the browser console does not show any JavaScript errors, then another reason for disabled buttons can be that you have created visforms overrides in your template at some point in the past. Override files that were created on the basis of view files from older Visforms versions sometimes no longer work with newer Visforms versions.

In this case you must

  • remove the old override files or if necessary,
  • Create new overrides based on the new view files.