Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error

During the installation of the free basic version of Visforms, the PHP error ‘Internal Server Error’ occurs. This error is caused by a PHP setting. If there is no connection to the Internet during the installation, this can also be the cause.

PDF fonts are downloaded from the Internet during installation

The fonts for the PDF feature are approx. 30 MB and are not included in the installation, but are retrieved from the Internet and saved during the installation. There may be a problem installing the free basic version (in the case of Joomla 3) or installing the Subscription (in the case of Joomla 4).

It occurs when during installation

  • there is no internet connection or
  • access to the Internet is denied by PHP.

So the error is most likely related to a PHP setting. Web servers usually have a permanent connection to the Internet. However, local development systems for testing and developing without an internet connection could be affected.

Check PHP settings

Please check the following PHP settings:
allow_url_fopen = on
allow_url_include = on

Change PHP settings

The simplest way to change these two PHP settings is to use a text editor and edit the php.ini file. If in doubt, please ask your hosting provider for help. There are often numerous other ways to change PHP settings, depending on the provider.