Remove 'Powered by' Link

By default, a backlink “Powered by vi-solutions” is displayed under each form, which refers to our website. We understand if you do not want to display a backlink in the front end of your website. We therefore offer the option of hiding this backlink without any restrictions.

You will find the “Credits” option in the “Advanced” tab in the configuration of the form. Just set the “Credits” option to “no”.

However, please keep the following in mind. Developing, maintaining, and evolving Visforms involves hundreds of hours of volunteer work that we give away completely free of charge. In order to be able to carry out this development work, we depend on your support.

Therefore we are very pleased if you

  • do not hide the backlink and/or
  • Support Visforms by purchasing a Visforms Subscription and/or
  • leave a positive review in the Joomla Extensions Directory.