Visforms Base Version 4.3.0

Date: May 22, 2023
Stability: Beta
Compatibility: PHP 7, 8.0, 8.1

New Feature

  • New Event: onVisfieldBeforeCreate
  • New Event: onVisformsBeforeFormSaveAfterUpload
  • Form Configuration: Allow using placeholder of E-Mail fields to set value in mail from, mail to, mailcc, mailbcc in E-Mail configuration
  • Form Configuration: Allow using placeholder of text and hidden fields to set value in mail from name in E-Mail configuration
  • Inspector View: Check Integrity of Installation


  • Field Configuration: Custom Text Position: Value ‘Above Input” shows text above label

Improvements / Code Refactoring

  • Consolidate Visforms HTML Classes for use with custom js/css
  • Prevent the possibility to create multiple options in a listbox/radio/checkbox group with the same value
  • Batch copy of forms and fields: Set created, created_by to correct values
  • Visforms Plugins with own data table: ensure record integrity in database
  • E-Mails: Refactoring of code, which adds user inputs to mails by automatic action
  • Improve installation/update messages